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The Hillsdale Library invites the public to become part of their favorite picture book! Did you ever wish you could follow Alice into Wonderland? How about lazing about in the Land of Oz? Perhaps a ride on the Grinch’s sleigh? Select a book. Find a scene you like. Pose in front of the green screen. Let the staff do the rest! They will shrink you down and put you in your book! Magazines and travel books may also be used. This is a Think It, Make It, Share It activity and is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

The green screen will be set up in the meeting room on Wednesdays and Fridays in March, and Saturday March 23. Call to confirm.

Judy in front of the green screen.

Pose in front of the green screen.

Judy in "Rotten Ralph's Rotten Romance"

We will put you in your chosen book!












 YIBAbbySSkippy YIBAbigailGPink YIBAlexaGFancy YIBAlexaGTutu YIBAreYouMyMother YIBBrownBearL YIBDomSArnie YIBEllaWFancy YIBEthanGWmag YIBGanzFamily YIBJackGWMag YIBJakeMDinosaurs YIBJoeyWThomas YIBJulianFlat YIBJuliaSOz YIBLisaFGulliver YIBSarahSArnie YIBTobySHarry



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