1.Excitement – Summer reading can be really exciting for children. It gives them a
chance to read books for adventure or to learn more about something that interests
them, not just for an assignment!

2. Motivation – Sometimes children need a little motivation when it comes to reading.
Setting a reading goal for the summer is a wonderful way to get children

3. Encouragement – Summer reading is a wonderful way to encourage children to
read different books. The more children read, the more books they will want to try.

4. Educational – Many children do not realize that they are learning something new
as they read. The key is to find a subject that sparks the child’s interests. For
example, if they enjoy sports, look for biographies of sports stars. They will love
reading about something that interests them, but will have no idea that they are
doing something educational. You can sit back and watch their vocabulary grow!

5. Improved Reading Skills – Some children have trouble returning to school after
summer vacation, but when your child is involved in extensive summer reading, they
spend their summer improving their reading skills rather than letting them slip. Beat the summer slide.

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