Wanted: Jar Lids, Bottle Caps, & Buttons

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The Third Edition of Think It, Make It, Share It will be starting in September. As always, we need your help to make our creative projects successful. Here is a list of items we are looking for:

  • Lids from glass jars – all sizes and colors- metal or plastic – washed
  • Soda bottle caps – all colors! – washed
  • old buttons – any size – any color – the funkier the better!

In addition to the above please consider donating the following higher-grade items if they are just hanging around taking up space in your garage or attic:

  • Standard Lego Blocks – all colors – we’re seeking squares and rectangles, but we won’t be picky
  • Standard sized Hot Wheels / Matchbox track with connectors

Think It, Make It, Share It is a program intended to foster creativity in the community. We believe that the Library is a place to find inspiration and a place to share creative expression. The Library invites the public to participate in a monthly series of activities from September through April.

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