Eccentric Circles

TMSLogo150xECCENTRIC CIRCLES is a crowdsourced community art activity. Find it on the main floor. Photographs of completed works will be posted in the gallery below. Keep coming back!

  1. Select a length of yarn or string. Tie it in a big circle and make several other knots along its length. Or use one that is already made.
  2. Select a crayon or other marking tool.
  3. Push the giant pin all the way through the white paper and deep into the cardboard support.
  4. Place the string around the pin and the crayon, maintain tension on the string.
  5. Draw your circles. Make as many as you wish.

Experiment with different lengths. You can make spirals by pinching the string against the pin.
You may also fill in the resulting shapes with different colors.

Materials: Cardboard, paper, string, crayons, push pin.

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