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Please send an email to if you have not already registered for maker camp. We need a head count to estimate supplies. Thanks.

This week we will be experimenting with tie dye. Please bring a white 100% cotton t-shirt that will fit you. We will supply everything else. Even the most careful participants may get a little dye somewhere other than the target t-shirt, so dress appropriately.

We will be using:

  • latex and or plastic gloves
  • soda ash (mixed with water to pre-soak the t-shirts for colorfastness)
  • Procion MX professional dyes by Jacquard.
  • rubber bands
  • plastic table covers
  • plastic bags to transport your damp shirt

Patience is rewarded with fantastic bright colors. You will have to take your shirt home in the bag and then let it sit for 12 to 24 hours! Then you rinse it by hand and then wash it with a wee bit of detergent.

Here is a good video tutorial on the classic spiral:

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