Thursday Evening Book Club – March 19th at 7pm

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This March we will be discussing The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki.  An historical novel about Peggy Shippen Arnold, the cunning wife of Benedict Arnold and mastermind behind America’s most infamous act of treason.  She watches as her husband, crippled from battle wounds and in debt from years of service to the colonies, grows ever more disillusioned with his hero, Washington, and the American cause.  Together with her former love Major Andre and her disaffected husband, Peggy hatches the plot to deliver West Point to the British and, in exchange, win fame and fortune for herself and Arnold.  Told through the eyes of Mrs. Arnold’s lady’s maid, a patriot, who does her best to foil the plot.  OF LOCAL INTEREST – TAPPAN, NY was the site of Major Andre’s imprisonment and execution.  Visit the publisher’s website for discussion questions, an interview with the author, and some interesting links, including a Revolutionary War quiz – Pick up a copy at our front desk.  New members are always welcome.

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