starstarstarstarstarThe Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch has a plot that I would have never imagined possible. It is very secret, and at the same time mysterious. As slow as the beginning is, the rest of the book is a must-read. The two main characters are Cassandra and Max-Ernest, and they go on an adventure to a secret spa called the Midnight Sun. Its owners are even more mysterious… an old lady that looks extremely young and perfect & a man with a strange accent. I won’t give away the whole plot of this book, but I’ll give you one word. Secret. This book is all about Secrets. Actually, THE secret. If this confuses you, that gives you all the more reason to read this secret book AND the Secret Series. I can’t wait to read #2, If You’re Reading this, It’s too late. Even after that book, there are three more epic, suspenseful, secret books waiting for you.