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Think of your Mother

The book displays have been swapped out yet again! Our french table has been changed to books about, by, or for moms.

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New Display Tables

Our two new tables are “April Showers, Read for Hours” and “Parlez-vous Francais?”

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March Displays

Come check out our updated displays! Our tables feature Irish authors and books with black/grey covers.

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New Year, New Displays

Up the main staircase in the Hillsdale Library leads you to our main desk and our latest selection of themed books– our two latest displays feature “Read it See it”, books to movies, and books that you can really, truly love!

In spirit of the new year, we’ve done some rearranging! The paperbacks, originally located on the third floor, have been moved to the main floor next to the main desk. Short stories are nestled in with the paperbacks, and our large print section has expanded thanks to the extra space! The college and test-prep books have been moved to where our non-fiction section begins, just before our computer and software books.

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Holiday Cheer

Our main floor book displays have dressed themselves in holiday cheer! Come check out a movie or CD to pump up your holiday spirit this December. Will you be baking cookies for the holiday? We are featuring holiday cook books to make finding that baking book just a little easier

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