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The Thursday of the Year

Come look at our latest displays to help November go by a little faster – Autumn Feelings and Staff picks! Our first display consists of books that have “fall” in their title or subtitle. The second display has staff picks that range from books, to movies, television series, and music!

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Batty about Books!

Our latest display hopes to get you in the Halloween mood! Our table shows how batty we are about these mystery and thriller books. We also have a selection of books about immigration, ranging from historical fiction to non-fiction; true stories of how children and families find their way to America.

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Your Marriage is History!

Marriage and History

Your marriage could be history! Check out a book from either table; Historical Fiction or For Better or for Worse

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Never Been Kissed

Check out some books that weren’t too popular this past year… be their first! (Reader, we mean. Please don’t kiss the books.)

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Our Latest Displays

Our book displays have changed from mom to dad. Check out some titles about dad for father’s day! The rest of our books are still blooming…. pick ’em while they’re fresh! 

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