Exhibiting Artist Joe Schlanger

Visit the meeting room during the month of March to see the work of local artist Joe Schlanger.


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The Musician by Scott Burns

Meet photographer Scott Burns at his reception on Saturday, February 11 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.

This month in the Hillsdale Library’s meeting room, photographer Scott Burns will be exhibiting his works. Portraiture has always been the main focus of his photography. He focuses on capturing the essence of the person in a particular moment in time, with minimal planning to enhance a connection while not losing emotion of the subject. Photographing musicians in concert is the ultimate scenario for less structure, only having control of the equipment, while everything that happens around the photographer is left up to chance and fate.

Scott Burns became interested in photography in the late 1970’s, when he received a small plastic camera for his birthday. As any child would, he enjoyed photographing his friends and landscapes while on family vacation. During his high school years, he, began formally learning abotu photography and film, working on the yearbook and filming the football games. Burns graduated from Jersey City University with a BFA, specializing in Photography. He spent a few years photographing whatever he came across, exploring fashion photography and architecture photography. He fell into teaching which halted his photographic career for 20 years. Realizing that he should not have given up on his passion, he eagerly dove back into the photographic world. With no prior knowledge of digital photography, Burns started from scratch with new equipment, educating himself about techniques and processing.

This series of photographs began with a young musician, “Lily”. After meeting Lily and hearing about her passion for becoming a rap musician, Burns had the opportunity to photograph her. Instead of recording an image of physical attributes, Burns was trying to capture her character, essence, and passion. This offered a new dimension to portraying an individual. Shortly after, Burns began going to small venues to photograph musicians during concerts, attempting to capture this connection on camera. Musicians have a passion and energy for their craft that is inspiring. Burns wanted to capture that split second of time in his photographs. This series of images represents those attempts to frame that energy in a print.

Attempting to capture the essence of people is what Burns enjoys most. Recent subjects are rock musicians during live shows; the musician has been a great subject to him because they naturally bring tons of energy to their performance and their passion for their craft comes across easily in photographs.

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Your Exhibit Here!

Our meeting room walls and exhibit cases are currently bare! If you are an artist, photographer, or collector you could share your work and passion with your community! Exhibit guidelines and policies are posted here on the website. We’d love to see your work or that of your friend. Pass along the invitation.

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On Exhibit – Art Smart Academy Students

A wide variety of artwork will be on display in the meeting room and in the exhibit cases on the lower level. Students range in age from 7 to 15. The exhibit will be on view through August 31.

Art Smart Academy is located at 53 Prospect Place, Hillsdale, NJ 07642

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June Artists’ Exhibit

This June, artist Lauren Donovan will be displaying her work in the Hillsdale Library’s Meeting room.


Lauren Donovan is a graphic design student studying at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Art was initially considered a pastime for her, but seeing as how well she excelled, her parents encouraged her to strengthen her talents by taking concentrated art courses in high school and continue them in college. Ms. Donovan was a participant in the Studio Art AP the year of 2014. This exhibit consists of her older works; some pieces were included in her AP portfolio, as well as more recent paintings from her college career.

Ms. Donovan currently works at the Hillsdale Public Library as an assistant. In her spare time she reads, draws, and has recently gotten back into making bracelets out of embroidery string. She hopes you enjoy the artwork that has been presented for you to view!

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