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Photo Wall – Summer 2017


Architecture, Infrastructures, Natural Features, Up Close or Wide Angles–What will you see in Hillsdale? 

The Hillsdale Library invites you to submit images for our photo wall this summer. Take a picture and send it to* with the subject line “PhotoWall.”

Participants will be entered into a raffle to win Library Swag and a $100 gift card! August 31st is the last day to enter.

*By submitting a photo, you agree to let the Library use the image on our website, our social media, and in any future communications from the Library. By submitting an image you also agree to obtain the permission of all individuals in that images. Please do not send photographs of people without their permission! Stick with friends and family. You may suggest your own word as your caption. Submit any photograph taken of an iconic location in Hillsdale and we will add it to our local history collection! Look for us on Instagram (@hillsdalelibrary) #SeeHillsdaleNJ #SeeingHillsdaleNJ #HillsdaleNJ

Here are the submissions we have received as of July 31st! There’s only a month left to submit something–Send us your photos for a chance to win a $100 gift card and some Sweet Library Swag!

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NJ Makers Day at Hillsdale Library 2017 Entries and Winners

Duct Tape Kitty – Ciara Leen. Cat sculpted from duct tape.

Headboard – Chris Jeffery. Antique door (circa 1910 from a house in Westwood) refashioned into a headboard. Bottom rail is from the floor board of the same house. Hand-rubbed finish with orange oil and carnuba wax.

Super Speedy 8,000 – Mason Herzog & Andrew Hershkowitz. Small motorized car with clay driver.  9″L x 7.5″W x 3.5″H (winner: Best Moving Thing)

Plant Stand – Joey Drew. Repurposed drawer, hand painted with roses, now a plant stand.

Steampunk Table Lamp – Tracy Glasner. Clear glass marble, brass nozzle, brass coat rack segment, 1800s clock key, 1930s porcelain railroad station lamp shade, stop lens from 1920s motorcycle, 1920s brass steam guage, 1926 Overland Automobile brass hubcap, 1940s farm equipment steel gear, wood base, 1940s brass socket, present day 25 watt bulb!

Eva & Kate’s Awesome Tower – Paper towel & toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, tape

Science Experiments – Isabella Shaaf. Oobleck, Slime, Playdough, and Stressballs – all natural (winner: Surprise Us!)

Old Toys, New Life – Bill Huang. Made from old toys, car, micro pc.

Garden Rake Woman – Joey Drew. Repurposed garden rake, flowers, and leather.

Hovercopter – Ryan Syslo & Evan Minneker. Helicopter transformed in to a hovercraft.

Hearing Assistance – Collin Tofts. Use of littleBits to create an assistive device for the hearing impaired.  Collin interviewed by Lew Weiss of Manufacturing Talk Radio. (winner: Best in Show)

Popcorn Dumper – Samuel Cohen. Cardboard box attached to posts that holds a popcorn bucket.

Popsicle Stick Car – Verdicchio Family. Bottle caps, popsicle stick, DC motor, switch, battery, rods

Wood Coasters – Herman Mensing. Crafted from oak branches and polyurethane finish. No stains.

The Piggy Book – Barbara Ganin. Self-published book to encourage financial understanding.

Whimsical Flower Headband – Maya Tate. Plastic headband, glue, and flowers. (winner: Best Thing That Could Be Worn)

Tic Tac Toe – Devarakonda Family. Game machine: Raspberry-Pi, breadboard, LCD, and components.

The Garbage Guy – Tyler Minneker and Kyle Syslo. A machine designed to venture further than humans can go to collect trash and move rubble. (winner: Best Electric Thing)

Flying Saucer – Patrick Sullivan. Made with Snap Circuits.

Ceramics – Tracy Glasner. Night light with shade, Mirror, Soap Dish, Tea Box, Flower vase, Ring Chest with sterling silver and sodalite drawer pulls.

Rusty Toad – Rich and Jack Svorec. Old, rusty trash was transformed into a Steampunk robotic frog, too rusted to move.  This frog looks as if it was discovered in the ruins of a mad scientist’s abandoned barn. (winner: Best Reuse of Materials)

Drink Responsibly – Frederick Schroeder. A six-pack of Coca-Cola bottles and acrylic paint.

Fighting Fencers – Evelyn Jansen. A Rock-em Sock-em game transformed into fencing game.

Basket Cover – Barbara Weaver-Mercado. Embroidery for an Elizabethan time.

Custom Birdhouses – Nicholas A. Orlando. Hillsdale Train Station and locomotive reimagined as birdhouses.

A Short Film – Ashley Shaaf. Digitally shot and edited. (winner: Best Thing That Makes Sound)

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2017 NJ Makers Day

The Hillsdale Library is celebrating NJ Makers Day on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Be part of the showcase of invention, creativity and craft. The general public is invited to view and judge entries from artists, crafters, inventors, tinkerers, and other creative folk. Prizes will be awarded in six categories: best reuse of materials, best electric thing, best thing that can be worn, best moving thing, best thing that makes sound, and surprise us. The Library also seeks makers that wish to share their story with the general public. (Entry forms are no longer being accepted – March 20, 2017)

Other activities are listed below.

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Hillsdale Library.


Hudson Valley Woodturners – Wood Pen Workshop

Freshly turned wood pen.

Gain some experience at a real woodturner’s lathe with direct supervision. The Hudson Valley Woodturners are pleased to help you craft a fully functioning Cross style wood pen. This activity is free of charge however, advanced registration is required – Please call 201-358-5072First come, first served. Failure to arrive at the designated time will result in forfeiture of the reservation.
Please also see the wonderful display of their work in our lower lobby.

Tri-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph

Rotary Harmonograph Test

Get in line to create your own spiral design. Two pendulums swing perpendicular to each other. The other can move in any elliptical direction. Results will vary depending upon the frequency and start of each pendulum. Not to be missed!



Yarn Monsters – While supplies last

Yarn Monsters

Yarn Monsters

Young makers are invited to make their own yarn monster. Make and take!

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

DIY Kaleidoscope

11:30 AM – Until supplies run out. Mirrored plastic & petri dishes: perfect together. Find Dave on the main floor.

All Geared Up!

All Geared Up!

Set our gears in motion. These artistic gears actually work. Step up to the little gear near the refrigerator door and give it a slow turn, or two, or dozen.

Vertical Wind Tunnel

Will It Fly?

Using paper, tape, cups, and scissors, make an object and try floating it in our vertical wind tunnel. All day long.

2016 Makers Day entries and activities

2015 Makers Day entries and activities

For more information contact Dave Franz.

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All Geared Up

The Hillsdale Library continues its series of crowd-sourced, community driven, creative art installations. Hillsdale Institutions and organizations are invited to decorate a hand-crafted gear, made by our makers. The gears will be meshed together in motion from October 2016 through March 25, 2017 – NJ Makers Day.

We need volunteers to make the gears!

If you would like to create and contribute your own gear to the project, please contact Dave Franz to discuss the parameters for inclusion. The gear teeth have to be designed to mesh with the others.

PRESS THE BIG RED SHINY BUTTON to set the gears in motion!

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Bottle Cap Mosaic Board 2016/2017

This series of Bottle Cap Mosaic Board is now closed. March 30, 2017.

Rearrange the caps in the rubber band grid to make your own mosaic. Once you are done be sure to take a picture or have a staff member take it. Images will be posted in the gallery below. If you want to remain anonymous that’s cool, but let us know a little bit about yourself if you want recognition.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Board is a Think It, Make It, Share It activity. All TMS activities are intended to inspire creativity within the community.


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