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A valid library card must be presented at the circulation desk to charge out, pick up, or renew library materials. Residents of Hillsdale may apply for a free library card.  Proof of residency must be shown upon application.  Forms of identification include:

  • A valid New Jersey driver’s license or identification card issued by the Division of Motor vehicles
  • A current motor vehicle registration/insurance card
  • A current tax receipt
  • A mortgage or lease agreement
  • A current utility bill

Lost library cards will be replaced upon request at no charge.

Juveniles may be issued cards under the authority of their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must present valid identification and co-sign the child’s application.  The parent/guardian is ultimately responsible for the return of all materials charged out to the child and financially responsible for all fines and replacement costs incurred by the child. The child must be present at the library.

Persons whose employment requires them to reside in Hillsdale are entitled to a resident library card. In the case of a live-in nanny / live-in au pair / live-in housekeeper / other employee required to live in Hillsdale, the following must be provided: A letter from the employer that shows the employer’s name, address, and phone and which states that the nanny / au pair / housekeeper / other employee is employed by the Hillsdale employer. These cards must be renewed annually.


Individuals residing in a municipality that does not support a public library may apply for a family membership to the Hillsdale Library. Effective January 1, 2012, an annual fee of $275 must be paid by check or cash. Woodcliff Lake residents may use the Woodcliff Lake municipal voucher toward $175 of the fee. Residents pay $100 toward the membership fee. A senior discount is offered to Woodcliff Lake residents aged 60 years or older. Senior members pay $50 toward the membership fee. Membership cards may only be used at the Hillsdale Library. Membership cards may not be used to borrow directly from any other BCCLS library. Effective January 1, 2004, Inter-library loan requests to other BCCLS libraries can no longer be placed for paid membership cardholders.


Anyone who works in Hillsdale and who does not live in a town with a BCCLS library, is eligible for a courtesy card. I.D. must show employee’s name, employer’s name and employer’s address. I.D. with home address must also be shown. Courtesy cardholders may borrow only from the Hillsdale Library.

The library extends the privilege of a courtesy library card to active member volunteers of the Hillsdale emergency service agencies (fire, police auxiliary, ambulance) that are not residents of Hillsdale and who have no other access to a public library in the Bergen County Cooperative Library System.

Students attending St. John’s Academy, who do not live in a town supporting a public library with membership in the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, are entitled to a courtesy card. Applicants must demonstrate enrollment in the school. Cards will expire after 12 months and are renewed annually.

Policy adopted by the Board of Trustee, November 19, 2001.

Policy revised, August 25, 2003.

Courtesy Card policy revised, May 12, 2008 and on July 13, 2009.

Policy reviewed and affirmed, April 13, 2015.


Do I need to bring my library card with me every time?

YES. It is your ID card at the library. Your card is required to check out materials, to request materials, to pick up materials. If you are a Hillsdale Library cardholder and you have forgotten your card you may present a driver’s license or a student ID, but we much prefer you bring your card. You will also need to provide your card number when calling the library to check the status of your card, and to request or renew items.

Where can I use my library card?

The Hillsdale Library is a member of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS, pronounced “buckles”). Hillsdale residents may present their valid library card at any of the 75 participating BCCLS libraries.

Do library cards expire?

Library cards are valid for three years. At the end of the three year period you will be asked to present identification that verifies your residency in Hillsdale and your card will be renewed for another three years.

What do I do if I lose my card?

You are financially responsible for any items checked out on your card. Contact the library immediately to report a lost card. The card will then be blocked so no one else can use it.

How many items may I borrow with my card?

The Hillsdale Library does not limit the number of items that you may borrow at one time. However, there is a BCCLS system-wide limit of 50 items per card. Other libraries may limit the number of items you borrow from them.

How many items may I request online at one time?

It is possible to request items with your library card from the online catalog.  You may have a maximum of 25 outstanding requests at any one time.

How can I renew items on my card?

Provided that no one else is waiting for an item and you have not exceded the renewal limit, you may renew items in person, over the telephone, or via the Internet. The renewal period is based upon the day you request the renewal. Please make a notation of the new due date for your reference. You must provide your card number when renewing. Renewals from our website require a password be used in conjunction with your library card number.

I picked up several items on reserve and the due dates are different. Why?

Due dates are determined according to the type of material and the individual policy of the lending library.

Is there anything else I need my card for?

Your library card number will allow you to login to databases that the library subscribes to. With a valid card you may use the databases remotely from any computer on the Internet. You can search for full-text articles in thousands of magazines and scholarly periodicals. You may also download ebooks, magazines, videos, and music from our growing collection of digital services.