Requests for New Items

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The Hillsdale Library continually adds new items to our collection. If we already own an item, a patron request will likely be filled by our copy if it is in high demand. If there is an available copy anywhere throughout the Bergen County Cooperative Library System you will likely receive that one. In the event that we do not own the requested high-demand item, the request will be reviewed for possible purchase by a staff member. If the item is purchased it will be seen as “on-order” in our catalog. The request will become a hold on this new item.

If we choose not to purchase the new item, the request will be forwarded to another BCCLS library for fulfillment. By BCCLS policy, libraries do not have to fill e-mail requests for items within six months of their release.

There could be a considerable wait time (1 to 2 months+) for new television series, audiobooks, or other high cost / high demand items. We thank you for your patience.