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Although we had less players than usual for our SuperSmashBros Brawl tournamSSBBWinner2014ent due to stormy weather and the holiday weekend, those who came were no less enthusiastic or loud. It was a tough road to the finals. Let’s give a shout out to the final four brawlers.

The first semi-final match featured Kelly (our only female competitor) as Zelda versus Colin as Kirby. Next up Mike as Marth took on Jeff playing as Ike. All four fought well, but only two could advance. Those two were Kelly/Zelda and Mike/Marth. It was tense in the room as the final brawl began. The onlookers cheered as Mike/Marth edged out Kelly/Zelda for the title!

Want to know what events are up next? Check the flyer for complete info. Please note the following date change – MAKE: ART & DESIGN on July 16 and MAKE: Science and Technology on July 30.

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