Maker Faire 2015

TMSLogo150xThis year our Maker Faire is aligned with NJ Makers Day on Saturday, March 21.



The Hillsdale Library Maker Faire celebrates the creative spirit of the community which it serves. We invited Hillsdale residents and Hillsdale Library cardholders to share what they create. We are also demonstrating some of the tools in our MakerSpace which are available to you. The activities are open to all ages. Little makers 8 years old and under require a parent/guardian as a helper.

ALL DAY!              Walk around. See what others made. Vote for your favorite entries! Voting forms are available at the main desk.

ALL DAY!              Visitors are invited to MAKE A BUTTON on the Button Machine!

ALL DAY!              WILL IT FLY? Create your own flying invention and test it in the wind tunnel. Can you get your creation to “hover” in the tube? What can you do to make it more stable? Watch what others do and see what you can change to improve your design.

ALL DAY!              Investigate the LED Marble Run on the 3d floor. Each section of track was designed by kids in our MakerSpace Wednesday program earlier this year. We need volunteers to manage the pinball!

10:15 am              Watch the Keynote by Senator Cory Booker in the meeting room.

11:30 am              MAKE YOUR OWN LIGHTBULB! Join Dave in the meeting room for a simple little experiment with electric and graphite… (supplies limited)

1:00 pm                Watch the Keynote by Cory Doctorow in the meeting room.

2:00 pm                BALANCING TOY CHALLENGE!  Simple physics at work again in the meeting room.

DEMO                   Watch our 3D printer in action!

DEMO                  Learn about the Silhouette Cameo. It cuts paper, cardstock, heat transfer vinyl and more!

12:00 / 2:30 pm             ROBOTS – On the main floor – The Sylvan Learning Center of Hillsdale will offer free Robotics sessions on Makers Day! Using both the hands and the mind, students in grades 1-8 will enjoy creating Robots with LEGO® bricks (perfect for kids who love keeping their hands active)! After building their creation, students will program the model to follow commands, learning to troubleshoot and building critical thinking skills along the way.

ALL DAY                TEST TRACK – create a car out of spare parts (Legos and other surprises) See how fast it can travel down the track. The speed is calculated using an Arduino Uno! Location to be determined!


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