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starstarstarstarNate Wright, A boy who is “destined for greatness,” according to himself, is in a major slump because of a report. He left it at his friends house, and the friend spills maple syrup on it, and tries to wash it off. The report disintegrates, and Nate has no report to hand in. He then calms himself by using an empty 2-liter soda bottle as a club and hitting himself on his head gently. He winds up getting a “Lucky Foot” from an action figure. Nate can do no wrong! Chad, one of Nate’s best friends gets picked on by a kid from the older grade, when the girl Chad likes comes to his rescue. The girl, Maya, runs off, being flattered, when Nate makes a bet with the 7th grader that the 6th grade will win at least one event at field day. Will Nate manage to pull a victory? Find out!





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