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starstarstarstarstarMartial God Asura is one of probably 3 (that I have found around) in existence in the Chinese-translated web/light novel community that will ever have a chance of being compared to Coiling Dragon. The web novel itself has 1999+ chapters and like Coiling Dragon, it is ongoing. Currently, only 339 of those chapters are translated. It really is an amazing and extensive read. The main character is named Chu Feng and this is his story. As an adopted child into the Chu Family, he was ridiculed and has been bullied ever since he was young. He took it all in stride and it has made him who he is. He’s a passionate, protective, and ruthless man. Because of certain events in his childhood, he fell behind his peers for a few years, but when he broke through that bottleneck, he became a rising star.

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