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Teen Book Recommendation #1: BONE GAP by Laura RubyBone Gap

Book Stats:

page count: 373

pub date: 3/3/2015

genre: magical-realism

age group: teen

My Rating: 4/ 5 stars*

Why am I recommending this book?:  

To begin, it won the Printz Award for 2016, so I’m not the only fan of the book.  Award winning aside, though, this is a very interesting read.  Have you ever read something in the magical-realism genre?  Well  I hadn’t either, until now.  Magical-realism is interesting, it seems like you are reading a normal realistic fiction book but then all of a sudden the line between what is real and was is fantasy blurs.

That is exactly what happens in the town of Bone Gap.  It seems like a normal enough town with normal enough inhabitants, until suddenly it isn’t.  The main character, Finn, witnessed Roza’s kidnapping, but no one believes him.  The people in town don’t take Finn seriously; not even his own brother, Sean.  The only person who seems to pay attention to him is Petey, the local bee-keeper’s daughter, but the town’s people have their opinions about her as well.

I’m not about to go spoiling anything in the book.  Finn and Petey were great characters; well drawn and believable in a world that sometimes turns fantastical.  The mystery surrounding Roza’s disappearance seems easy enough to solve according to the people of Bone Gap, but we quickly see that there is more to it than anyone can imagine.

This book does not disappoint.  It has mystery, adventure, romance, friendship, and family ties.  All the things you could want in a realistic fiction read, but with a dash of magic!


*a note on my rating system:  I go by the rates I use on goodreads.com, which are as follows:

1 star = did not like it

2 stars = it was okay

3 stars = liked it

4 stars = really liked it

5 stars = it was amazing

Anything a 3 or above is worth reading, in my opinion.  I’ve read a lot of books that I have given 3 stars to, and I don’t regret any of them.

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