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Lois Lane FalloutTeen Book Recommendation #4: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

Book Stats:

page count: 304

pub date: 05/01/2015

genre: science fiction / adventure

age group: teen

My Rating: 5/ 5 stars*


Why am I recommending this book?:  

Planning on seeing Batman v Superman this weekend?  Or sometime in the near future?  Or maybe after all those Marvel movies it might be nice to take a little break and revisit the DC Universe for a while (at least until Captain America: Civil War comes out).

Whether you think you’ll be on a DC kick because of the new movie or because you need a break from the Marvel Universe, Fallout is a fantastic new Superman tie-in series about the intrepid reporter Lois Lane!  But she’s not exactly a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist just yet, since she still needs to finish high school.

In the first novel of this series, Lois and her family just moved to Metropolis.  Lois is used to moving around constantly, but this time is different, this time her family is in Metropolis to stay.  Which means that Lois is going to finally have a normal high school life, complete with friends…well more friends than her one online friend, SmallvilleGuy.  But of course, this is Lois Lane, future investigative journalist, which means that Lois isn’t in Metropolis long before she is in the middle of a mystery involving other students at school.

Not going to lie, I’ve always been a Superman fan (I particularly love the show Smallville), so maybe I was a little biased toward this book to begin with.  However, Lois was a fantastic character.  She was smart and always managed to find herself in the middle of some sort of trouble, but she cared about the people around her and the new friends she made.  The book was a quick, light read.  It had adventure, friendship and maybe a little bit of romance too.

The best part is that if you like Fallout the second book in the series, Double Down, comes out in just a few weeks.

*a note on my rating system:  I go by the rates I use on goodreads.com, which are as follows:

1 star = did not like it

2 stars = it was okay

3 stars = liked it

4 stars = really liked it

5 stars = it was amazing

Anything a 3 or above is worth reading, in my opinion.  I’ve read a lot of books that I have given 3 stars to, and I don’t regret any of them.

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