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The Hillsdale Library is welcoming Bob Gleason, who will be portraying Abraham Lincoln. In his portrayal as Abraham Lincoln, Gleason will talk about the formative years of this great man through his courtship and marriage to Mary Todd, the beginnings and development of his abolitionist view point, and his first, though not very successful trip to Congress. Discussion points will lay out the causes leading up to the war, both societal and economic and major events and turning points within the War itself. Gleason will expand upon how he raised himself up from his humble beginnings to become the man who managed to pass the emancipation proclamation, to unite a splintered nation, and reaffirm through his Gettysburg Address the nation’s dedication to freedom, democracy and equality.

Since 1980, Bob Gleason has presented programs featuring nearly 150 historical figures, stretching over 2000 years of history. These programs have taken him from Washington D.C. to San Diego, California, and from El Paso, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (21 states, so far). He has performed at the White House Visitors Center, The Smithsonian Institution, Constitution Hall, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Ford’s Theatre, Independence Hall, The National Constitution Center, The Union League of Philadelphia, Valley Forge National Park, Federal Hall in NYC, numerous historic sites, and a long list of schools, libraries and other venues public and private. He lives near Lansdale, PA with his wife of 35 years, and a large stock of costumes, props, and books.

The event will take place on Sunday, May 15th, at 2pm.

This program is funded by the Horizons Speakers Bureau of the New
Jersey Council for the Humanities, a state partner of the National
Endowment for the Humanities

This program is produced by the American Historical Theatre

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