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Read more books in 2016!

All Hillsdale Library cardholders are eligible to join. Set your own goal. We will be offering incentives along your journey. We will be tracking your progress on the leaderboard located on the refrigerator door on the main floor! Perhaps you’ll end up on the coveted freezer door for overachievers.

The 21st century public library offers many services – wi-fi, scanners, 3D printing, public notary, digital content – but the heart of our mission is to encourage the public to pursue their passion through the reading and enjoyment of books. The Hillsdale Library celebrates 80 years of continuous service in 2016. Celebrate with us by undertaking a personal reading challenge this year: Read more books.

Visit us in person to sign up and start with a Hillsdale Library paper bookmark. Trade up later for a 3D printed custom version!


Simply stop by our Children’s or Main Desk and let us know you would like to join our 2016 Reading Challenge.  You must have a valid Hillsdale Library card to participate.  We will ask for your name, library card and the title of your favorite book. We will provide you with a small prize to get you started.  After you complete your first 5 books you will be added to the leaderboard.


  1. Use Goodreads:

Create a free user account by going to goodreads.com and enter your name, email address and a password.  Once you’ve created an account, join the Hillsdale Library’s Group: Hillsdale Library (NJ).  Then, set a reading goal for yourself on Goodreads.  The site hosts a reading challenge each year, where you can pledge to read a certain number of books (this number can be changed as often as you like throughout the year).  Be sure to tag books you are reading in 2016 as “currently reading” before moving them over to the “read” shelf to have them count for the 2016 reading challenge.  Come into the library and show us your Goodreads list to receive some Sweet Library Swag*.

  1. Use Your Library Card:

Sign in with your library card and password on bccls.org.  Under “My Lists” click create a new list and name it “2016 Reading Challenge”.  Upon finishing a book, search for the book on the BCCLS.org website.  When the book appears there is an option to “Add to List”.  Add the book to your 2016 Reading Challenge List.  Come into the library and show us your list to receive some Sweet Library Swag*.

  1. Use Our Paper Log:

Keep this log for the whole year.  Write down the books you have read as you finish them.  Bring the log with you to the Library to receive some Sweet Library Swag*.


  1. For Teens and Adults, books should be approximately 150 pages in length or greater.
  2. All books need to be started and completed in the 2016 calendar year.
  3. Books can be from anywhere and in any format; print, digital & audio.
  4. Checkout our list of sweet library swag on our website and come into the library when you are eligible for some of that swag.
  5. Check our website regularly for more updates and news about the challenge.


Reading Improves Concentration

Reading Provides Knowledge

Reading Makes Possible

Reading Opens Doors

Reading Relaxes

Reading is Fun


Sweet Library Swag (A=adult level T=teen level, E=early reader, P=our youngest readers of picture books)

Hillsdale Library pens

Red Pen – 3 books

Custom 3D Printed Bookmark

Custom 3D printed bookmark – 5A/T, 4E, 10P

Bistro Mug – 20A/T, 15E, 75P

Hillsdale Library Baseball Hat

Hat – 35A/T, 30E, 100P

Tote Bag – 50A/T, 45E, 150P

Sweatshirt (image coming soon) – 75A/T, 60E, 200P

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