2017 NJ Makers Day

The Hillsdale Library is celebrating NJ Makers Day on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Be part of the showcase of invention, creativity and craft. The general public is invited to view and judge entries from artists, crafters, inventors, tinkerers, and other creative folk. Prizes will be awarded in six categories: best reuse of materials, best electric thing, best thing that can be worn, best moving thing, best thing that makes sound, and surprise us. The Library also seeks makers that wish to share their story with the general public. (Entry forms are no longer being accepted – March 20, 2017)

Other activities are listed below.

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Hillsdale Library.


Hudson Valley Woodturners – Wood Pen Workshop

Freshly turned wood pen.

Gain some experience at a real woodturner’s lathe with direct supervision. The Hudson Valley Woodturners are pleased to help you craft a fully functioning Cross style wood pen. This activity is free of charge however, advanced registration is required – Please call 201-358-5072First come, first served. Failure to arrive at the designated time will result in forfeiture of the reservation.
Please also see the wonderful display of their work in our lower lobby.

Tri-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph

Rotary Harmonograph Test

Get in line to create your own spiral design. Two pendulums swing perpendicular to each other. The other can move in any elliptical direction. Results will vary depending upon the frequency and start of each pendulum. Not to be missed!



Yarn Monsters – While supplies last

Yarn Monsters

Yarn Monsters

Young makers are invited to make their own yarn monster. Make and take!

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

DIY Kaleidoscope

11:30 AM – Until supplies run out. Mirrored plastic & petri dishes: perfect together. Find Dave on the main floor.

All Geared Up!

All Geared Up!

Set our gears in motion. These artistic gears actually work. Step up to the little gear near the refrigerator door and give it a slow turn, or two, or dozen.

Vertical Wind Tunnel

Will It Fly?

Using paper, tape, cups, and scissors, make an object and try floating it in our vertical wind tunnel. All day long.

2016 Makers Day entries and activities

2015 Makers Day entries and activities

For more information contact Dave Franz.

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MakerSpace Wednesday – Rotary Harmonograph – testing 1,2,3

Wednesday, March 8 – 2:30 to 4:30 pm (ish)

Today makers young and old are invited to help Dave test out the rotary harmonograph. This contraption will be featured on Saturday, March 25 – NJ Makers Day. Many thanks to Karl Sims for his plan and instructions which can be found online here (

Get 1, 2, or all 3 pendulums swinging and drop the pen. Vary the frequency. See what happens.

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MakerSpace Wednesday – Terrible Towers

Wednesday, March 1 – 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (ish)

CHALLENGE: construct a tower out of nothing but corrugated cardboard and craft sticks. NO GLUE – NO TAPE – use only slits cut into the corrugated cardboard and your imagination. This is an exercise in learning the limits and capabilities of materials. Ask yourself these questions…

What combination of cardboard and wood will yield the greatest strength in a particular direction?

What geometric shapes can be constructed and then joined to yield the greatest strength?

What will look cool?


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MakerSpace Wednesday – Yarn Sculpture

Wednesday, February 22 – 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (ish)

We will be experimenting with yarn and Elmer’s glue… No promises, but we think you will be able to infuse the yarn with common white glue, which dries solid and clear. Successful attempts may result in fabulous suspended yarn sculptures. Results may vary.

Materials: yarn, wax paper, balloons

Connectors: glue

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MakerSpace Wednesday – Bleeding Hearts

Wednesday, February 8 – 2:30 pm to 4:30 (ish)

We’re breaking out our homemade spin art machine and invite you to create a heart with a cool splatter pattern. Results may vary!


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