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“Think It, Make It, Share It” is a series of programs at the Hillsdale Library intended to inspire creative activity within the community. We believe that the Library is both a place to find inspiration and a place to exhibit and share.

The Library provides access to thousands of books, magazines, videos, and music, all of which can instruct and inspire. We have assembled a special “Think It, Make It, Share It” bookshelf featuring Make Magazine and other awesome titles geared toward makers, hackers, crafters, designers, and general do-it-yourselfers. Find links to our favorite websites below.

The Library provides several “Share Spaces” in which local residents may exhibit their own creations. There is exhibit space for flat, hanging artwork in the meeting room. There is exhibit space in three lockable glass cases in the main hallway. There is one lone concrete base suitable for an exterior sculpture outside. For those who wish to share their expertise the meeting room makes a great location to share skills and information.

The Library will celebrate the creative efforts of Hillsdale residents and Hillsdale Library cardholders at the 2014 Maker Faire.

Visit the website for announcements of new projects, such as “Cereal Killer” a crowdsourced sculpture constructed from donated cereal boxes.

Visit the Library on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and participate in the MakerSpace. New activities are announced periodically.

 Why is the Hillsdale Library doing all of this?

Learning to think creatively is fun. Sharing that experience is even more fun.